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quinta-feira, 15 de setembro de 2011

Guru Nistha...From Bhaktisiddhanta Sarasvati Thakur

"A true disciple knows his Gurudeva to be someone who is extremely dear to Krsna and who is the Servitor Lord ( Sevak Bhagavan).
A sincere disciple has the same devotion for his Gurudeva that he has for the Supreme Lord. And he worships and serves him in the same way. Those who do not serve their Gurudeva in this way fall from their positions as disciples.
No one can chant the holy name purely unless they see Gurudeva as non-different from Krsna, as Krsnas manifestation.

I shall serve Sri Sri Guru and Gauranga with simplicity and sincerity under the guidance of Gurudeva. My Gurudeva has the word of the Supreme Lord , and I will be obedient to that word in the proper way.
I will not disrespect my Gurudeva under the influence of anyone in this world. If I have to become proud, if I have to become a beast, if I have to go to hell by carrying out the order of my Gurudeva who is sent by Krsna, then I want to sign a contract to go to hell for all eternity.
I will not listen to anything anyone says other than the order of my Gurudeva.
By the power that has come to me by the lotus feet of my Gurudeva, I will throw out all other currents of consciousness of the world with a punch of my fist. If I throw a particle of dust from the pollen of the lotus feet of Gurudeva, then millions of people of this world will be delivered.
There is no scholarship, there is no good concept within the fourteen worlds that is heavier than a particle of dust from the lotus feet of my Gurudeva.

A true disciple will have this kind of nistha in their Gurudeva."

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